Eating French Food in Bars and Pubs

Haute Cuisine is on!

The French people are famous for many different things, most of them actually very good. It is no wonder that many people from other countries daydream about la France, that romantic, elegant, gripping land across the sea. Its culture is definitively unique, some sort of European trademark, and the silky sound of the French language will be recognized in just a second by any other person, even if they can't speak a word of the language itself. France is vineyards, accordeon, music and excellent cuisine. 

Can you already feel the many textures and flavours of French food coming up your mouth and transporting you in the glimpse of an eye to such dreamy scenarios? Those lucky enough to put their feet on France will definitely never forget the experience - and will also have a hard time trying to describe it with justice. Those who haven't, should really consider approaching this unique culture at least once; they will never regret it.

If you can't spend a few days in France, at least you can get closer to the French feeling by experiencing one of France's trademarks, which is its cuisine. French chefs travel abroad and set up their own gourmet restaurants, and people flood them to taste these delicious courses. The worldwide demand of French food is very high and for good reason! The best that you can do for yourself is find good French food bars and restaurants where you can taste French cuisine and give it a go!

French food and eating habits

You have two options for eating French food in a pub: the sort-of-French experience and the actual French experience. Let us explain.

Some pubs will call themselves bistro or French restaurants, but all that they have is French recipes. In some cases, they have French cooks and chefs behind the curtain, making the dishes for you with the style and techniques of their homeland. In other cases, they won't even have that, they will simply follow traditional - or semi traditional - French recipes, put a little French flag on them and call it a meal. This isn't really what we mean by actually eating French food. 

It is a mistake to think that by combining the same ingredients and cooking for the same amount of minutes as the original cuisine, you get the same thing. What French people understand very well, and makes their food so special, is that everything around the meal is part of it and gives it its character. Did you know that a French meal can include up to 6 courses, each one of them chosen according to tradition? Are you aware of the importance of bread? Do you know the difference between a breakfast French coffee and an after meal French coffee? Have you ever heard that a French lunch or dinner can last for three hours?

So what makes pub food actual French food is so much more than the food itself. You can find more about French eating habits and cuisine by clicking here, so next time you are promised with a "French meal" you will know whether or not that's what you're getting!

French food at your home

It's great to go out and have some nice meal, but sometimes you just don't have a bar or restaurant serving French food near you, so you have to improvise. Of course, nothing is more French than things from France, that sort of goes without saying. So, if you want to experience the true French cuisine, why not buy French food online and have it shipped to your very home?

There are a few online stores that export products from France and ship them all the way to your doorstep. That's for sure some good option for you! We prefer a nice online store called Saveur du Jour, which trades actual French food as well as other French products and gifts for all ocasions. This is an excellent online source for French macarons, biscuits, dressings and all you need to have a true French meal on your very table.

All the fresh gastronomic products of Saveur du Jour are prepared by French cooks the very day of their shipping, so you are sure that when they arrive to you, they will be in perfect conditions for you to enjoy the true taste of la France. We suggest that you take some time to look at the whole store, because we just love how many beautiful French products are there to find. French is the little touch that many daily objects need to step up to a new level of class and poetry!

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Hear from the locals

Me and friends always go to the Earl of Portsmouth Pub, it has a great atmosphere, great food and great drinks! There is always something going on whether it is a pub quiz, football match or darts tournament!
Lee Hodge

The Earl of Portsmouth Pub is a great family pub. I always feel confident taking my wife and kids there for a Sunday roast. There is a play ground for the children and of course beer for the dads!
Mark Righter

Me and the girls love to go to the Early of Portsmouth Pub on our nights out. They have a great dj and a big dance floor so we can really have a party in style!
Lucy Dean