Eating French Food in Bars and Pubs

Haute Cuisine is on!

The French people are famous for many different things, most of them actually very good. It is no wonder that many people from other countries daydream about la France, that romantic, elegant, gripping land across the sea. Its culture is definitively unique, some sort of European trademark, and the silky sound of the French language will be recognized in just a second by any other person, even if they can't speak a word of the language itself. France is vineyards, accordeon, music and excellent cuisine. 

Can you already feel the many textures and flavours of French food coming up your mouth and transporting you in the glimpse of an eye to such dreamy scenarios? Those lucky enough to put their feet on France will definitely never forget the experience - and will also have a hard time trying to describe it with justice. Those who haven't, should really consider approaching this unique culture at least once; they will never regret it.


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Hear from the locals

Me and friends always go to the Earl of Portsmouth Pub, it has a great atmosphere, great food and great drinks! There is always something going on whether it is a pub quiz, football match or darts tournament!
Lee Hodge

The Earl of Portsmouth Pub is a great family pub. I always feel confident taking my wife and kids there for a Sunday roast. There is a play ground for the children and of course beer for the dads!
Mark Righter

Me and the girls love to go to the Early of Portsmouth Pub on our nights out. They have a great dj and a big dance floor so we can really have a party in style!
Lucy Dean